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Our very first yarn ever, Väinämöinen, is an incredibly durable fingering weight sock yarn. It was named after a mythical character in the Finnish National Epic, Kalevala

Socks made of Väinämöinen have been proven to have lasted for nearly a decade without any need for darning. The colors have faded, and perhaps the socks are slightly thinner than a new pair, but years of wearing them in shoes and washing them in the machine have not broken them.

Väinämöinen is truly a sock yarn, and it comes from Germany, which is known for high-quality sock yarns. But Väinämöinen is much, much more. It is soft enought for various accessories worn next to skin. It also suits well for sweaters, jackets and skirts among other things. Some may find it slightly coarse worn next to skin, but Väinämöinen will soften with wear.

One skein of Väinämöinen will be enough for a pair of adult size socks (shoe size EU 40) with a long cuff.

Väinämöinen sock yarns can be washed in the gentle cycle in the machine, but the colors may fade over time. These yarns will not felt.

Product Information:

100 g / approx. 400 m (3 ½ oz / approx. 440 yds).

75 % superwash wool, 25 % nylon.

Recommended needle size 2-2,5 mm (US #0 to #1½).

Recommended stitch gauge in stockinette stitch: 26-32s/10 cm (6,5 to 8 stitches per inch).